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About Leitte, Gonçalves & Oliveira Jr.

Founded in 2008 with the vocation to provide legal services with high standards of quality and excellence, both in Brazil and abroad, Leitte, Gonçalves & Oliveira Jr. is a full service, modern, multilingual, independent, diversified and international law firm, specialized in multidisciplinary operations and able to translate the legal environment of a great number of countries for the benefit of its clients.

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Areas of Expertise

Leitte, Gonçalves & Oliveira Jr. is a law firm established in Brazil and which provides local and international advisory and consultancy services, including business law, internationalization and the setting up companies in foreign countries, business brokerage, asset shielding, asset and inheritance planning, real property law and real estate negotiations.

Our office does not work with mass litigation, our clients know us by name and are free to contact us at any time of the day, any day of the week. The staff members of Leitte, Gonçalves & Oliveira Jr. are chosen through strict criteria in their recruitment processes, in which only the most qualified remain. Thus, we believe that less is more and that in a globalized world the key to success lies in meritocracy, in the ability to form partnerships and create networking.



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