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About Leitte, Gonçalves & Oliveira Jr.

The Firm implements a project to create and develop a law firm based on strengthening the lawyer-client relationship, allowing personalized service in the various areas of business law. In carrying out this project, the Firm establishes a relationship of trust and proximity with clients, in the defense of their interests, ensuring loyalty, secrecy, quality, efficiency and competence.

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Areas of Expertise

The Office is structured to serve companies, regardless of size or field of activity, from their incorporation process, through the development of their activities, as well as building their relationship with partners, employees, suppliers and customers, to the solution of administrative, arbitration and judicial demands.

Another feature of the Firm’s performance is the symbiosis between the advisory and litigation areas, allowing for a virtuous circle in which one area influences and complements the other and is complemented and influenced by it.



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