Escritório Leitte, Gonçalves & Oliveira Jr.
Escritório Leitte, Gonçalves & Oliveira Jr.
Escritório Leitte, Gonçalves & Oliveira Jr.

About us

We are what we do

Founded in 2008 with the vocation to provide legal services with high standards of quality and excellence, both in Brazil and abroad, Leitte, Gonçalves & Oliveira Jr. is a full service, modern, multilingual, independent, diversified and international law firm, specialized in multidisciplinary operations and able to translate the legal environment of a great number of countries for the benefit of its clients.

During these fifteen years, the firm has grown quickly, lined-up with a strategy of constant territorial expansion and based on permanent investment in the training and qualification of its lawyers and employees, investing in providing business law consulting services throughout the national territory and in many foreign countries, always seeking the prevention of court disputes and the solution of the existing ones in the quickest, most assertive and most economic way.

Supported by a project of an office without borders, in early 2014 our firm established its first base outside Brazil, in Northamerican territory, in the city of Miami, Florida.

Since then, we have formed a broad network of relationships to assist our clients in investing and setting up shop in the United States, from prestigious real estate agencies, title companies, custom brokers, certified public accountants to financial institutions and paralegals, consisting today of a highly competent team of approximately twenty fellow workers and business partners distributed in our three units (Belo Horizonte / Itaúna / Miami).

For this reason, today Leitte, Gonçalves & Oliveira Jr. is the official sponsor of the largest guide in this segment in Brazil, the “How to Establish a Company in the US”, published at the invitation of AMCHAM Brazil (American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil).

We are what we believe in

We believe in being a law firm based on the narrowing of the lawyer-client relationship and in a personalized, straightforward and assertive service, in the various areas of business law. In order to achieve this project, Leitte, Gonçalves & Oliveira Jr. establishes a relationship of trust and closeness with clients, in the defense of their interests, ensuring loyalty, confidentiality, quality, effectiveness and competence.