Mergers, Incorporations and Acquisitions

In recent years, Leitte, Gonçalves & Oliveira Jr. has participated in significant M&A transactions. Our objective is to provide clients, who can be investors, buyers or sellers, with the most qualified advice in: planning, structuring, negotiation and implementation of transactions of purchase and sale, investment, exchange or combination of company shares, equities or assets, formation of associations, joint ventures or strategic alliances, as well as any form of corporate reorganization; structuring, negotiation and contracting of financing for the implementation of business transactions; structuring and implementation of corporate reorganizations, including those aimed at capturing and exploiting synergies arising from mergers and acquisitions; definition of strategies to implement takeovers involving publicly held companies; definition and improvement of rules and principles of corporate governance; defense of shareholders’ rights; advisement with public offers and compliance with applicable rules and procedures; execution of due diligence; organization and setting up of data room (physical or virtual).