Registration of Offshore Legal Entities

The bigger the tax burden in our country, the more interested the companies and individuals are in making investments abroad, attracted by numerous factors, such as: strong currencies, economic and political stability, tax exemptions or reduced taxes on income, safe environment, confidentiality and privacy in business, freedom of currency exchange, administrative cost savings and possible access to certain types of international financing, at lower interest rates.

These privileged areas exist in various parts of the globe and some enthusiasts even speak of them as being “tax havens”. And, for the companies incorporated in these “free zones”, it was agreed to give the English name of “offshore companies”, since offshore applies to a legal entity which is based outside the borders of the country where its founders are located.

For being used unlawfully by some Brazilians, mainly for the money laundering of politicians and organized crime, the name offshore began to carry an off-putting tone that does not fit with its effective meaning. Nonetheless, it is a very interesting legal structure to achieve asset shielding or yet to proceed with an efficient tax and succession planning, all fully authorized as it can be perceived by RFB Normative Instruction n. 1037/10.

Thereby, Leitte, Gonçalves & Oliveira Jr. specializes in the registration of this type of companies and has a large chain of partners in the vast majority of the jurisdictions indicated in art. 1 of the abovementioned Normative Instruction RFB nº 1037/10.