Labor and Employment Law

The labor and employment law department of ​​Leitte, Gonçalves & Oliveira Jr. is led by one of the founding partners of the firm and has a team who is dedicated to the matter that attends to its clients in consultations with a preventive focus, aiming to avoid contingencies, liabilities, as well as litigation, acting in administrative and judicial proceedings. The litigation performance is focused on cases that can have a significant financial impact on the clients of the firm and, on cases involving relevant and strategic issues, regardless of their value. The record of good results achieved in the labor and employment law special courts is significant.

The labor and employment law performance mainly involves the following: defense in preparatory procedures and public civil investigations conducted by the Public Prosecutors with Labor and Employment Law Assignment (MPT); defense on notices of infringement issued by the Regional Superintendence of Labor and Employment (SRTE); defense on individual and collective labor and employment law claims (filed by employees or by the professional unions); defense on public civil claims filed by the MPT; investigation of hidden contingencies and liabilities in the labor and employment law area, especially during due diligence in mergers and acquisitions; restructuring and reduction of the board of employees in mergers and acquisitions, closing-down of branches and legal entities or termination of activities; outsourcing of services and contracting of suppliers and independent representatives; legal review of salary structures and benefits; incentive plans (bonuses, stock options, restricted stock units and profit sharing plans); hiring and international transfer of expatriate employees, Brazilian or foreign; hiring and dismissal of employees and executives; revision of internal company policies; collective bargaining with unions from different sectors.